Bell Tower of St. Nicholas Church, Kalyazin, Russia

Photo by Alexey Ushakov

Bell Tower of St. Nicholas Church is a historical and architectural monument located on artificial island in Uglich reservoir 200 meters away from the bank of Kalyazin town, Tver region, Russia. The Bell Tower was constructed in 1800 and was a part of Nikolo-Zhabensky monastery. In 1930s under the project of creating Uglich reservoir and Uglich hydroelectric power plant on Volga river Nikolskiy monastery was demolished and the Bell Tower was partly flooded. Later its foundation was reinforced and a little artificial island with a berth was built around the Tower. The Tower rises 75 meters high (approx. 25-store building). The Tower has always been a main local landmark attracting tourists throughout the year.

Photo by Volchv

Photo by *christopher*

Photo by Sergey Ashmarin

Photo by SergeLab

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Photo by Dmitry Tarasov

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Photo by Sergey Ashmarin

Photo by Sergey Ashmarin

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Satellite view

Coordinates: 57°14'36.61"N 37°51'26.31"W

Nearest big city: Moscow (170 km)

Best time for visiting: any time of the year

Official website:

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